The Opening Ceremony of the First Ice-Snow Games Is Held


In the afternoon of December 5th, the opening ceremony of the first Ice-Snow Games was held in the library square of the new campus of HBU to promote ice and snow sports on campuses. Leaders of HBU CPC, administration departments and deans of all colleges attended the opening ceremony, including Guo Jian, Yang Lihai, Li Jinshan, Li Zhiyi and Meng Qingyu.

Guo Jian, secretary of the Party Committee, announced the opening of the first Ice-Snow Games of HBU at the opening ceremony.  

Meng Qingyu, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, HBU vice president and director of HBU sports committee, delivered the opening speech. He said that promoting the comprehensive development of ice and snow sports in universities by carrying out these sports among students was an important part of the Ice-Snow Games in Hebei Province, Healthy Hebei Plan as well as the integration of education and sports. Then he expressed his hope that all the athletes and coaches would carry forward the fighting spirit to show the beauty of athletics, and that the referees would make fair judgments to demonstrate the positive mental outlook of HBUers.

Besides, HBU leaders cheerfully played the dry land curling games during the ceremony. There were also wonderful performances, including street dance, martial arts and roller skating. At last, the opening ceremony ended with the joyful collective ringing of trumpets.

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